Nearly 20 cattle die in Hobart barn fire

Nearly 20 cattle die in Hobart barn fire
Posted at 10:59 PM, Aug 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-08 06:42:16-04

Nearly 20 cattle are dead following a barn fire in Brown County. 

It happened around 10 p.m. Tuesday in Hobart. 

Firefighters were able to contain the fire to one barn which ended up collapsing. 

Hobart fire activated MAVIS having roughly 60 firefighters working to put out the fire because they were having issues pumping water. 

The Hobart Assistant Fire Chief said this is a one in four year fire for them. 

They don't know the cause of the fire at this time. 

Officials said the homeowner was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.