Couple nurtures hummingbird back to health

Posted at 10:42 PM, Jul 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-12 23:42:21-04

The search is on.

Nicole and Steffen White are looking everywhere in their yard. They're checking the usual spots: the bird feeder, the plants.

"This is usually when you can hear the wings flapping," Nicole said.

She first heard it about a week ago.

"I was letting the dogs out before work and i stumbled across this little tiny thing on the driveway and just left it," Nicole said. "After work I came home and it was still there."

It's been around every day since.

"The rest is history," Nicole said.

After a brief search, once again finds a little hummingbird. It fell out of its nest last week and needed some help.

"I couldn't leave him on the ground, he was really sweet," Nicole said.

She and husband Steffen fed the bird and took care of it.

"You have the ability to provide some point of assistance and help this bird," Steffen said.

They're now seeing it grow.

"Certainly stronger, he's hopping around the yard, so definitely doing better," Nicole said.

"To see the interaction, it makes you smile, makes you forget about problems, and it's very gratifying," Steffen said. "You're proud of the effort you made because you didn't give up on something."

They won't give up until their new friend has a chance to fly.

"If he does continue to improve we hope to not find him around here anytime soon," Nicole said.