Couple battling cancer together gets Valentine' s Day surprise

Smiles and laughter filled Fox Valley Hematology and Oncology's Health and Wellness Center in Appleton as family members and staff surprised Randy and Sully Geurts on Valentine's Day with lunch and gifts.
This is Sally's second time battling breast cancer. Last year her husband Randy was diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Their doctor says their case is unique.
"It's the first time in my life to hear and know about this," said Dr. Xin Yao.
Randy and Sally have been together through thick and thin for 25 years, but battling cancer together is a new challenge.
"It was like I have to be strong again for him, but I think I've cried more now with him getting it than mine," said Sally Geurts.
Randy has stage four prostate cancer, making it harder to treat, but his experience with Sally has him ready.
"I learned a little bit a long the way. I didn't come in just totally blind folded, like we did with her, so I knew what to expect," said Randy.
While the health and wellness center has done so much to help them through this difficult journey, they're also thankful for the extra care from family and friends.
"I love being around other people, so just being around other people makes me smile,"  said Sally
Sally's chemotherapy is now done and she's confident Randy will get to ring the bell soon too to celebrate the end of treatment and hopefully a life free of cancer.
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