Clowns working to keep children smiling, not scared, this October

Clowns respond to "creepy clown" craze
Posted at 8:11 PM, Oct 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-09 21:11:07-04
GREEN BAY, WI -- Across the nation, people are responding to the "creepy clown" craze in many ways.
The concern over "creepy clowns" is growing with each incident--from a gas station robbery in Dayton, Ohio last week involving criminals wearing clown masks, to an alleged attack of a 7-year-old Michigan boy who describes his attacker as a clown.
Police say the trend of lurking around in a clown costume is fueled by social media.
Last week, horror author Stephen King spoke against the trend, tweeting: "most of em are good, cheer up the kiddies, make people laugh."
But there are some working to keep clowns in your heart, and out of your nightmares. 
At Terror on the Fox, in Green Bay, crews are working around the clock to make this haunted attraction's 20-year anniversary something special.
"A lot of clowns, and some terrifying things out there," laughs media spokesperson Miranda Schutt, as the first wave of attraction-goers lines up behind her.
Schutt says this year's obsession with clowns is helping fuel some of their scariest features.
"We really enjoy the clowns, because clowns can have a lot of fun," says Schutt. "But they can also be pretty terrifying. So, it's something that I don't think will ever go away from.. that 'haunted house' experience."  
But on Sunday, during one of two "family-friendly" days at the haunted attraction, one clown has a different goal.
"We're having a lot of fun!" exclaims 'Jiggles the Clown,' as kids in line eagerly fight for his attention. "This is a family event!" 
On Sunday Jiggles has had one mission, and one mission only: to put a smile on as many kids' faces as possible.
"[We're] just here to entertain you," says Jiggles, "and to have a good time." 
Jiggles, and other clowns, say, given all the negative hype this year, they don't want children to fear them. 
"We're really good people. If you're good to us-if you're good to clowns-clowns will be good to you, as well," says Jiggles.
The clown also has some solid advice for children who might either be afraid of clowns, or encounter one in public that scares them.
"The important thing is to talk to your mom and dad about it," says Jiggles. "If you get a little scared, or there's something that's bothering you, talk to your mom and dad, and they'll make it a lot better for you." 
Meanwhile, police remind people: dressing like a clown in public isn't illegal, but trespassing, harassment, and making "terroristic threats" are.