Brown County Executive: Expo hall tax agreement not a done deal

Green Bay Mayor said Monday a deal was reached

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Brown County Executive Troy Streckenbach said an expo hall tax agreement has not been reached, despite Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt's announcement Monday.

Mayor Schmitt said the City of Green Bay and Brown County had reached an agreement in principle on the taxes for the proposed expo hall Monday afternoon.

Under the terms, the municipalities would get the excess sales tax to use in their districts once all of the County projects identified are completed, Mayor Schmitt said. Green Bay would commit its room taxes to the new expo hall.

The parties would also establish a maintenance fund for the KI Convention Center using 1% of the taxes collected, Mayor Schmitt said. This is similar to the maintenance funds being created for the Resch and new expo hall.

Once the projects were paid, the room tax would go back to the municipalities, according to Mayor Schmitt.

However, Brown County Executive Troy Streckenbach and Green Bay Alderman Joe Moore responded late Monday saying that deal is not what the Brown County Board voted on.

"The deal agreed to by Green Bay's Mayor and a single County Supervisor is contrary to the will of the County Board of Supervisors," said Streckenbach. "They passed an Ordinance just last month, 23-3, which expressly states that sales tax revenues shall only be used for specifically identified capital projects and debt reduction."

An agreement has been submitted to the City Council for approval and debate Tuesday evening, according to Streckenbach.


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