Cellcom Green Bay Marathon features fundraising efforts for teacher with cancer

Posted: 5:39 PM, May 18, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-18 22:39:27Z

This weekend's Cellcom Green Bay Marathon features a rivalry between Packers Fans and Cowboys Fans.

The head-to-head competition is raising money for a teacher fighting cancer.
So far, the Dallas Fans are ahead, raising nearly $24,000 for the teacher. Packers Fans have raised about $7,500 so far.

This fundraising effort is called Run4Allison.

Luxemburg, Wisconsin native, Bruce Hermans, who is now an assistant principal at a school near Dallas, Texas, is raising money for a teacher fighting a rare form of oral cancer. The teacher is Allison Hartzell.

Bruce said he had the idea to run the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon. He created two GoFundMe pages, one for Cowboys Fans to donate and another for Packers Fans.

“At mile 25, whatever team is ahead in the giving at that point, somebody is either going to throw me a Cowboys jersey or Packers jersey and I'm going to run the final round through Lambeau Field and finish in that jersey,” explained Hermans. “So I've got my fingers crossed that it is a Packers jersey, because it will kill me to wear anything blue with a star on it.”

This is Bruce’s first time running a marathon.

“You care about people you work with,” he said. “Everyone knows someone with cancer. You try to love the people that are around you and coming up with this crazy idea of pitting Packers Fans against Cowboys Fans kind of made it fun.”

Allison will be there supporting Bruce. She'll be in Green Bay for the marathon on Sunday.

If you would like to donate to one of the pages, click here