Cell phone, fitbit data revealed at Burch trial

Posted: 4:47 PM, Feb 27, 2018
Updated: 2018-02-28 00:26:30Z

Crucial pieces of evidence got introduced today in the George Burch homicide trial.

It came as the prosecution finished presenting its case.

"I observed Mr. Burch's phone traveling to Miss VanderHeyden's residence on Berkley," computer crime analyst Tyler Behling said. "I observed Mr. Burch's phone traveling to the site where the body was found."

Behling, the state's final witness, put Burch's phone at key locations and times consistent with Nicole VanderHeyden's disappearance and death. He also presented evidence showing Burch had been using his phone before and after, showing Burch had his phone with him. Behling said Burch communicated with known associates, including his girlfriend.

In the days that followed, Behling says Burch made 64 Internet searches from his phone about VanderHeyden's death.

He also testified that during the early morning hours of May 21, Doug Detrie's fitbit showed very little activity. The defense tried getting that testimony thrown out.

The defense then began making it's case Tuesday afternoon. Attorneys are trying to present a different version of events from the night VanderHeyden went missing.