Cost for tow out of ditch or impound lot

Posted at 10:30 PM, Feb 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-03 08:33:20-05

Brown County Public Works is asking drivers with cars on side streets to move them Tuesday evening so they can get the roads cleared of the snow that accumulated during the day. But if don’t there are some potential consequences including, getting your vehicle towed.


The snow has slowed down but for those in the towing business, they are prepared for what could be a long night.


Only an hour after the snow started Tuesday afternoon, people in the towing business in Green Bay started getting hit with the calls.


"This is one of them that we pulled out of the ditch," says Darrell Hemninger pointing to a car just retrieved from the ditch. Hemninger is the President of Glenn’s 24-Hour Towing in Green Bay.


"Few accidents in town but not too awful bad so far," adds Kevin Passchen the manager of Crosby Heavy Duty Wrecker Service.


Tonight a handful of towing crews in Brown County will likely be asked to work alongside the Public Works Department. All in an effort to get cars out of the way so the plowing can continue into the morning.


“People don't like it I understand that. Sometimes people don't have room to park in their driveways or things like that. I understand that too. But the rule is the rule," adds Passchen.


The costs can vary to get your car out of the impound lot. It all depends on where you get it towed to and what kind of work has to be done to get it there. The average cost to get it out approaches 100 bucks.


"You can start at probably about 110 dollars but it can increase," adds Passchen.


And if you wind up in a ditch, the starting rate for most tows starts at nearly the same cost.


"Average winch out is kinda a standard 75 bucks," says Heminger.


But the price could be much higher depending on how much work crews put in. Because digging your car out from the plows heap, or wenching a vehicle out of an embankment takes time and manpower.  


If you do get towed overnight for parking illegally give your local police department a call. They should be able to guide you to the tow trucks businesses impound lot. If your car has been on the road for sometime you will likely be one of the first to get the tow treatment.