Candlelight Vigil for Jonathon Tubby

Posted: 10:37 PM, Nov 02, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-02 23:37:01-04

Members of the community came together to remember Jonathon Tubby at a candlelight vigil.

The Department of Justice said Tubby was taken into custody on October 19, 2018, after being stopped by officers.

They said he was wanted on felony arrest warrants.

Tubby was shot and killed by a Green Bay Police officer in the Sally Port of the Brown County Jail after what the DOJ called a "very long" confrontation.

Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith spoke after the incident saying they were working to gather more information.

"I'm committed to being as transparent as possible with the results of this investigations, with all the information," Smith said. "When all the information is collected and done, I will be as transparent as possible with the people in Green Bay."

Stephanie Ortiz is the co-found of Black Lives United- Green Bay and organized the vigil with Native Lives Matter.

She said transparency is what she wants to see.

"I just hope to be a voice for those who feel voiceless right now, and it's a lot of close family members and friends," said Ortiz.

Many at the vigil expressed the pain and frustration they felt after hearing of Tubby's death.

Everyone there stood in unity with others feeling the same way.

"He's one part of why we're here, but I think a bigger thing is that whole list of people who have been killed by police," said one member of the community.

Many also reminisced on the person Tubby was.

"When he wasn't being funny, he could really touch your heart and make you smile," said another community member at the vigil.

Everyone at the vigil hoping for justice for Tubby.