Candidate's spouses have impact on voters

Posted at 5:53 PM, Mar 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-31 19:16:03-04

In a hotly contested presidential race, candidate's spouses have stepped up their campaign game.

"This year does appear to be one in which spouses are playing a more visible role," said political analyst Michael Kraft.

Heidi Cruz spoke with voters in De Pere and Appleton Thursday and told them about some of her husband Ted's stances on different issues.

"What we want to do is free up the private sector," she said when talking about small businesses.

Talking to spouses can help voters decide, some said after speaking with Heidi.

"For me, it helped me learn a lot about the candidate because I think who the candidate's spouse is tells a lot about them," said Joe Hodgson of Bellevue.

Heidi Cruz visited The Creamery in De Pere with Carly Fiorina, who endorsed Ted Cruz after dropping out of the race earlier this year. Patrick Hoffman, owner of The Creamery, said he was open to hosting that kind of event and was pleased with some of Cruz's ideals that Heidi shared.

"They get to kind of have a little bit more personable message with you," said Hoffman.

That's one part of campaigning that Bernie Sanders' wife, Jane, said she enjoyed.

"It has been fascinating to learn from different people, from different perspectives and regions," Jane Sanders said.

This year, Hillary Clinton may have an advantage when it comes to influential spouses.

"Bill Clinton has a lot of clout for Democrats," said Kraft. 

The former president now has plans to visit Appleton on Friday, which shows a lot about next week's Wisconsin primary.

"Some even wondered would Wisconsin be relevant?" said Kraft. "I think we have the answer to that."

Meaning candidate's wives, and husband, are going to be busy before next Tuesday.