Barn as a wedding venue? Neighbors say no

Posted at 11:12 PM, Feb 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-24 08:38:06-05

OSHKOSH, WI -- Can a barn become a wedding venue? That's the question that's been circulating in the town of Neenah.

Tuesday night Winnebago County Planning and Zoning Committee heard members from the community as they spoke out against the conditional use permit for the barn.

It has been a lengthy battle for Kim Walsh, the owner of the barn in the town of Neenah. In a last-minute curve ball, Walsh changed her business plan and conditions for the use of the permit. With those changes, the county decided to send the issue back to the town of Neenah for them to discuss and pass judgment on before weighing any further in the matter.

In Tuesday nights meeting many spoke out against the conditional use permit for the barn citing issues and concerns of safety, increased traffic and noise in the area.

Residents say it's already a congested area with the subdivision being added recently and it takes away from the country life once in the town. But the barn owner says she's doing her best to consider everyone's needs and really wants to make this a reality.

Walsh changed the conditions for her permit saying that wedding ceremonies would take place once a week, with less than 100 people and also no loud music or reception nor parties.

Because of these changes, the town of Neenah will take another look at the permit request and send their thought to the county. Monday night the town voted with 2-2 even split in regards to the permit request. These changes allow them another change to allow or deny a recommendation to the county board who has the final say.