Businesses and city plows prepare for the snow

Posted at 11:31 PM, Dec 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-16 00:35:34-05

While it's not here just yet, snow plows and local businesses are prepping for the snow just like the rest of us. From the roads to your own driveway there are countless things to think about today rather than once we get as much as a foot of snow to deal with.

For most of northeast Wisconsin this weekend’s snow storm stands to be the most substantial hit so far this winter.

"It's looking like this one is gonna have about twice as much snow as last weekend," says Paul Fontecchio the Brown County Public Works Director.

Fontecchio anticipates his whole crew working around the clock this weekend. All hands on deck to get the roads as safe as they can be for commuters.

"People got to really watch out for some icy conditions this time around and changing conditions can happen really quickly with the temperatures dropping, especially if the snow starts to taper off Saturday. But yet there's blowing and drifting and you got a substantial temperature drop. You could see the roads freeze up real quick," adds Fontecchio.

And it's not just roads that will be getting congested as this anticipated snow hits. You might want to consider going to hardware store now for those last minute items that you only tend to buy when you absolutely need them.

Sunday morning it will be quite for the first three hours and then from the first three hours on it will be guns blazing. It will be busy," says Wes Kimps the Manager at Ace Hardware in Howard.

"When they're buying their shovel their buying a set of gloves or hand warmers too," adds Kimps.

And the big ticket snow related items tend to sell after the first real storm too. We’re talking of course about snow blowers.

"I forecast that we will run out of snow blowers at least certain models by the end of Saturday," says Kimps.

 While all the other stuff one finds themselves needing this time of year will likely be available come Sunday, you will have to jump on the roads to go get them.

Mechanics say now is the time to test your snow blower if you haven't yet. Most fixes at this point in the season would take anywhere from one to two weeks, but after the snow comes expect a fix to take longer.