Brown County GOP to file suit against Tom Nelson

Posted at 12:10 PM, Oct 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-27 14:15:42-04

The Brown County Republican Party says they are filing a suit against Democrat Tom Nelson. GOP leaders allege Nelson was engaged in "illegal campaign activities" concerning a campaign ad which the party accuses Nelson of moving beyond his race and on to the Presidential race when mentioning the defeat of Donald Trump.

The complaint  outlines three topics in a recent campaign ad which Republicans say are illegal including:

Failing to provide the necessary disclaimers in the ad.

Not filing the required independent expenditure report.

Nelson may have coordinated with the Hillary for America campaign.

In response to Tom Nelson's illegal campaign activity, Brown County GOP Chairwoman, Marian Krumberger, released the following statement: 

"It's disappointing that Tom Nelson and his operatives have broken the law in an attempt to defeat Marine Veteran Mike Gallagher. At the very minimum, voters deserve to trust that the representatives they elect follow our laws, and it is our job to hold them accountable. Tom Nelson should immediately take down his illegal ad and demonstrate that no one, including a career politician, is above the law." 

Nelson campaign manager Ethan Susseles released a statement in response:

"This is the latest attempt by Mike Gallagher to avoid having to answer for saying ‘we have to’ support Donald Trump. Now with Donald Trump hurting his campaign, he is desperately grasping at any opportunity to hide his support for Trump and his dangerous agenda — now even resorting to frivolous & baseless complaints. Sadly, for Mike, it's too late to hide his long and steady support for Donald Trump."

The suit will be filed to the Federal Election Commission in Washington D.C.

Nelson and Gallagher are running for the 8th district congressional seat currently held by Reid Ribble who is not seeking re-election.