NWS: Meteor sonic boom picked up on seismometer

Posted at 2:58 AM, Feb 06, 2017

FOND DU LAC, WI -- The National Weather Service said a seismometer at Fond du Lac High School picked up a meteor sonic boom Monday morning. 


WISCONSIN -- The US National Weather Service is reporting sightings of a meteor in the sky across several states including Wisconsin. 

The National Weather Service in Milwaukee and Chicago both took to Facebook Monday morning asking for photos and videos. 

They estimate most sightings were seen around 1:45 a.m. 

The National Weather Service in Green Bay said the meteor shower was seen across several states including northern Illinois and western Michigan.

"Most of these meteors will break apart as they interact with the atmosphere.  There's a lot of friction and heat which breaks apart the rock material that the meteor is composed of and usually nothing except a few small fragments ever reach the ground," said meteorologist Jeff Last at the National Weather Service in Green Bay.

Several folks told NBC26 they saw a flash of white and blue light in the sky here in Green Bay. 

One person said it shook their home in Oshkosh. 

Robert Hopp of Fond du Lac posted a video showing the flash of light .