Brewers: 'There is only one Hank'

Posted at 5:59 AM, Mar 04, 2016

He's the original!

The Brewers confirmed on Friday there is only one Hank and that he is in excellent condition. They provided a notarized letter from a local veterinarian.

Hank has gotten fluffier and healthier because of the care and love he has gotten from his adoptive family.

This all started because of a post on a Brewers fan blog, Brew Crew Ball, that got the internet wondering if "Hank the Dog" is the same dog that showed up at the Brewers' spring training in 2014.

The Brewers used this as an opportunity to bring more attention to shelter dogs and the Humane Society. They say that is what they have strived to do since Hank walked into their training facility in 2014.

Hank was named "Dog of the Year" in January 2015 and has raised close to $150,000 for the Humane Society.


Brewers team leaders are expected to answer tough questions about whether or not  beloved ballpark dog, “Hank” is an imposter.

The Brewers decided it’s time to set the record straight following a blog post comparing old and new photos of Hank

Some people think there might be more than one ballpark pup.

“They probably have 3 or 4 hanks yah know, bring out the clean one this day. that kind of thing,” said a fan from West Bend.

That’s one theory. The blogger’s theory is that the first Hank died in June 2014, causing the Brewers collapse on the field.

Others say Hank just got some much-needed grooming.

An official announcement is expected Friday.