Benefit for teen injured by drunk driver

Posted: 7:15 PM, Oct 06, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-07 00:15:27Z

A 13-year-old boy's life changed after being hit by a drunk driver in August.

Saturday the Combined Locks community came together to raise money to help him.

Last Tuesday was Henry Schinke's first day back at school since the crash, but his family said he can only stay for a certain amount of time, as long as his strength can keep up.

He has a long road to recovery, so his family decided to throw a benefit to raise money and celebrate his life. 

Henry was riding his bike when he was hit by a drunk driver on a motorcycle.

The Outagamie County Sheriff's Department said the driver was over the legal limit, and his passenger was killed.

Henry was significantly injured.

His uncle Brad Schinke said he has many injuries in his arm, neck, pelvis, leg, and needs major surgeries.

He said it will take years for a full recovery if there is one.

This situation sheds light on the issue of drinking and driving.

"It doesn't need to happen. Does not need to take place at all. There are so many outlets that. Get a cab, get a safe-ride, Lyft, Uber. These things are here at our disposal, and if we choose not to use them, that's on us as a society," said Brad.

Henry's uncle is the head of the Outagamie County Safe-Ride Program, giving rides to people who may have had too much to drink, so they aren't on the road putting themselves and others at risk.

The benefit had live music, a silent auction, raffles, corn-hole tournament, and food. 

The family tells us they've raised nearly $40 thousand already.

They said the outpouring of support and love has been overwhelming.

Brad owns Kamp Bar and Grill. If you are interested in helping Henry, you can drop donations off there.