Bellin College nursing students go on life changing service trip

Green Bay -
A group of Bellin College nursing students is back from a service trip that they say changed their lives.
Four students and one faculty member traveled to the south side of Chicago. They visited a homeless shelter and spoke with former prisoners living in a halfway house to learn about the root causes of poverty, food insecurity, and other social issues. 
Jayna Baumler was so moved by the experience, she now wants to be a community health nurse instead of working in trauma as she originally planned.
"My passion for helping people, that a lot of the time have trouble helping themselves, has just grown immensely throughout just this week, and I'm really excited for my future.”
Baumler says the goal of the Student Trips and Transformations program is to also bring what they learn in other cities back to Northeast Wisconsin to help make a positive change in our own community.
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