UWGB student with family in Brussels worried

Posted at 8:28 PM, Mar 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-22 23:14:52-04
GREEN BAY, WI -- People around the world tonight are mourning the loss of at least 31 lives after a series of deadly terrorist attacks ripped through a Brussels airport and subway Tuesday.
For those in Green Bay with family and friends in Brussels, today was made worse by the anxiety over not knowing who was caught in the explosions.
Zachary Ceulemans is spending a semester studying at UW Green Bay as part of an exchange program, and is originally from Antwerp in the northern part of Belgium. 
His aunt also happens to work at the airport where the attacks took place this morning.
Since the Paris attacks, up to just days ago, when the main suspect was arrested in Brussels, the Antwerp native says Belgians have been uneasy.
"People thought... 'we've got the guy, but it's not over yet,'" says Ceulemans.
Those fears came to a head this morning with a call from his mother.
"She started telling me about the Brussels attacks," says Ceulemans, "I was still half-asleep, so I was wondering... 'ok, what is this about?'"
Ceulemans says he turned to social media. After reading explosions had ripped through the airport, Ceulemans says he thought of his aunt, who works in cargo.
"My uncle, as well, works within walking distance of the metro station," adds Ceulemans. "It could've happened that he was walking there, and then been caught in it."
Both relatives say they're OK tonight, but the pictures from friends at the airport are unsettling.
"They're all watching the TV, keeping up on the news," says Ceulemans. "They don't want to go outside anymore. I'm worried now, if I go back to Belgium, am I going to be ok to take the metro anywhere? Stepping on a tram somewhere? If i go to a place with a lot of people, am I going to be ok?" 
Ceulemans says the best thing others can do for the people of Belgium right now is be strong, and show solidarity. 
He says we can only overcome this with peace, not hatred.