Bayview Bridge construction starts today

Posted at 7:03 PM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-01 08:55:02-05


During it's busiest time more than 11,000 car cross the Bayview Bridge in Sturgeon Bay. Tuesday the bridge will close and all the detoured traffic will be directed downtown.
Downtown Sturgeon Bay is quiet during the week, a few cars passing here and there, Terry Ullman of Door County Candy knows all about it.
"During the weekdays we have a hard time seeing a dozen people" Ullman says. 
Starting Tuesday traffic will pick up, the Bayview Bridge will be closed for repairs.
"We're shutting down the bridge and putting a detour in place and it's the same detour for roundabout construction and on the highway" Says Mark Kantola of the Department Of Transportation. 
That means more traffic to the downtown area, a good thing Ullman and the candy store.
"We've got plenty of parking around and when people pass by the red and white candy stripe lures them in" says Ullman.
And while the goal of the construction is  to extend the life of the Bayview Bridge,  if congestion becomes a problem candy is always on the way to make it better.
The department of transportation says they expect the bridge will be closed until the weekend of July 4th.