Bay Beach Amusement Park prepares to open and examines safety of the "Zippin Pippin"

Posted at 8:49 PM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-27 10:07:25-04
Bay Beach management inspected rides and conducted test Wednesday to make sure they were operating properly. 
The Zippin Pippin in particular has a new change after it malfunctioned last June with passengers on board.
Bay Beach bought the rights to Zippin Pippin from Liberty Land in Memphis, Tennessee and rebuilt it with new materials.
Park Manager Jason Arnoldi said it was also known as one of Elvis Presley's favorite rides.  It contributes to the legend of Bay Beach.
"Having the 9th oldest amusement park in the country is a pretty cool thing and the fact that it's owned by the city and the people own it, is even more of a unique thing in the amusement park industry," Arnoldi said.
As park management staff prepare to open doors this season, they're also focusing on safety.
The Zippin Pippin will only have one train running this year after a June 2016 accident, where two cars collided at the platform.  Three people were hurt.
"Basically something malfunctioned, and again we don't know exactly what the malfunction was," Arnoldi said.  “One car bumped into the other car that was waiting in the station."
Wednesday morning they were test running the legendary ride.
"We sent both cars back to the manufacturer,” Arnoldi said. “They went through them and gave them a clean bill of health and re-certified them for operation and the state went through and re-inspected the entire ride to make sure that it was safe.”
Arnoldi said the Zippin Pippin was back in operation in July last year.
This year the new Falling Star Ride debuts at Bay Beach Amusement Park, giving riders a great view of the bay.
The park will be open on May 6 at 10 a.m. and will have specials throughout the season.