Battery Charger causes fire at Appleton residential facility

APPLETON, Wis—Everyone is safe after a fire at Villa Phoenix residential facility.

The Appleton Fire Department was called to the 400 block of N. Lawe Street around 5:21 p.m. on Tuesday.

Upon entry, fire crews reported that the building was filled with smoke.

After checking the first floor and finding no fire, crews advanced to the second story and located a fire in a bedroom. Firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire.

Ten residents and one facility supervisor were able to get out safely and no one was injured. 

The cause of the fire was identified as a battery charger which had overheated and had blown apart. The plugged-in charger was located on a bed. Information regarding this charger will be forwarded to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

There is no damage estimate at this time. 

The Appleton Fire Department reminds people that 911 should be called when a smoke alarm sounds, because not all fire alarm systems automatically notify 911 of their activation. 

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