Basic Needs committee focuses on continuum care of the homeless in Brown County

GREEN BAY - The Basic Needs committee came together Wednesday to continue to keep the conversation going on helping the homeless and the many issues they face day to day.
The group hosted a meeting and after, opened the doors of the Micah Center to some of the chronic homeless in our community. 
The idea was simple. Get people in need of resources, access to those resources.
    "Let's just start a dialog, have something to eat, relax and if they ever do feel the need to come in and talk to any agency about any type of treatment, then they know that person they have some identification and those providers were here." said Paul Van Handel, a Community Police Officer with Green Bay Police.
One of the local groups combating addiction applied for a $100,000 grant this month. The organization will find out late Wednesday if they are approved for the grant.
DarJune began three years ago this August. They provide recovery services. The money would be used to fund recovery coaching in hospitals.
     "You're being there right with the person when they're at their most vulnerable place offering help and that starts the whole piece of hope." said Antonia Nelson, President at DarJune.
Nelson says not everyone battling addiction is homeless, the same way not every homeless person has an addiction.
DarJune is currently taking applications for recovery coaches as part of a new program. Training will take place in Oshkosh in September.
Homelessness and the possible connections to addiction and mental illness are very intricate, making these meetings and partnerships even more beneficial to our community.
     "It brings such a wealth of knowledge that everybody has a different piece of the pie. We're able to share where we're seeing gaps in community. We're able to maybe suggest ideas maybe how we would do something differently that if we change the way how we do something and a hospital can change how they do something that together that can partner for change." said Alexia Wood, Executive Director with the Micah Center and St. Johns Shelter.
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