Absentee voting begins, new ID's can be used

Posted at 6:14 PM, Mar 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-22 16:14:58-04

KIMBERLY, Wis.- Judy Deckert of Kimberly isn't waiting to cast her ballot.

"I don't have to deal with the crowds," said Deckert as she made  her vote Monday afternoon.

"We need to have our say and by voting we get to vote for the person who have the power to do that," explained Deckert.

Deckert is one of hundreds who will be voting before the April 5 election and now it's even easier to cast a ballot.
"The newest form of photo ID that's now acceptable is the Veteran's Affairs Health Card ID," said Kimberly deputy clerk, Vicki Tessen.
The Veteran's Health ID Card can be used as well as the traditional driver's license and passport or regular Wisconsin ID cards.
Experts anticipate a larger than normal turnout for voting, as candidates are still close despite several primaries in other states.
"I don't think we've ever seen a race like this or at least not to this extent," said UW-Green Bay political science professor, David Helpap.
Helpap says with things this close in the race, it's crucial people cast a ballot.
"Wisconsin does have the ability to put it's stamp on the race," said Helpap.
Absentee voting runs through primary election day, which is April 5.  That's just two weeks away.  If you mail in your absentee ballot it must be in the clerk's hands no later than April 8, the Friday after election day.