A Reunion 10-Years in the Making between a...

Posted at 7:14 PM, Feb 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-11 20:14:42-05

A heartwarming reunion in Howard between a man and his dog, that's nearly ten years in the making, played out Thursday afternoon.NBC26 was there and shares how the two long lost buddies found each other again.

The bond between a boy and his dog doesn't just dwindle away with time. Today that was proven in Howard as that boy turned into a man and he saw his grownup girl, once again.

Ten years ago a 14-year-old kid from Shiocton had to give up his dog.

"I haven't gotten my own dog since I lost Roxanne," says Adam Mahon of Milwaukee.

 His family was losing their home in 2007 and their dog Roxanne couldn't come with them.

"I don't fault my mom for it at all. It's something that we had to do," adds Mahon.

But it's what volunteers at the Safe Haven Humane Society didn't have to do that makes this story unique.

"Scanned her and found out she already had a microchip… it was kind of a tough call whether we wanted to reach out or do some digging to find out who those people on the microchip were because it has been over a decade," says Leigh Ann Wagner Kroening the Director of Marketing at the Safe Haven Humane Society in Suamico.

Ultimately staffers did reach out to Adam’s mother though. Through the use of Facebook they located her and she in turn let her son know that their dog was ok after all of these years.

"They didn't know the story. They didn't know what happened. They were just looking for the original owners and I can't thank them enough," says Mahon who admits over the years he had no idea how his pup was doing.

And while today is just a reunion and Adam won't be bringing his grown up girl home with him, being that his house isn't suited for her.

"I hope she's loved like we loved her," adds Mahon.

There's something to be said about closure for this young man who finally knows that his companion whose hair is turning grey now is doing well and getting good at retirement.

Trying to promote the value of micro-chipping your pets, Paws and Company out of Green Bay will be donating five dollars from every microchip service they conduct over the next month to Safe Haven, which is the organization that rescued Roxy.