A New Senior Living Facility Means Jobs for...

Posted at 8:19 PM, Feb 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-04 10:58:10-05
Kimberly, Wi – 60 to 80 new jobs will soon be coming to Kimberly Wisconsin. A new Heritage Senior Living Facility is breaking new ground in the area with over 130 units opening Spring 2017.
With the new construction come new employment. Which is great for the local economy, Kimberly Treasurer Adam Hammatt agrees. “We’re excited about the new project If they continue to grow and add more phases we’ll see more employees too.” Says Hammatt.
The facility will be located on Cobblestone Lane and College Ave.  It will have senior living, assisted living also memory care for those with dementia or other needs. It’s also a new turn for Kimberly and its economy. “We went through a time where things just weren’t developing in Kimberly” says Hammatt. But this could be the first step in changing that. “By having this development out there it sends a sign that things are picking up.”
It living facility is also filling a need.  “We’re turning older there’s a whole demographic that is getting older including baby boomers retiring” Hammatt continues.
Mark Hammond, Director of Development & General Counsel for Heritage, is also excited about the project. “A mix of independent living and assisted living. There will also be many amenities including a salon, a public area, a garden, a movie theater, convenience store and more. And with each area, are people needed to work in those.
The Senior Living Facility plans to open Spring 2017 with information about jobs available in the coming months.
For more information about this development you can call 920-720-0288 for the Heritage leasing and development office.