911 transcripts detail officer-involved shooting

Posted at 6:24 PM, Jun 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-04 19:24:30-04

Released 911 transcripts detail a woman's phone call with a dispatcher before and during an incident where her husband was shot and killed by police.

The 911 call from May 7 starts with Debra Robinson telling an Outagamie County Dispatcher that her husband, David, is getting a gun out to shoot himself.

In the transcripts, Debra tries to talk David down but then tells dispatch that he went off to the garage where the bullets are.

Dispatch tells Debra to keep an eye on her husband from a safe distance.

Later in the phone call, David makes his way outside and officers arrive.

At one point Debra says, "oh my god, he's shooting, they're shooting."

During this phone call, five Appleton Police officers shot and killed David.

In a press conference last month, officials talked about the difficulty officers faced in the incident. 

"A split second decision had to be made in the most stressful of situations," Chief Todd Thomas said. "The responding officers performed exceptionally well, not only in addressing the threat and following through to provide aid, but by remaining vigilant and focused until mrs. Robinson was located and the scene was secured."

Prosecutors cleared the five officers who shot and killed David Robinson.

Prosecutors said that officers shot and killed Robinson to protect others in the community.

While Robinson's gun was not loaded, police reports said that he acted like it was, pointing the gun at himself and officers.