9-11 Calls Released of Nationwide Man Hunt

Posted at 9:37 PM, Apr 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-21 22:54:30-04

            "9-1-1 calls" released have revealed the man responsible for the capture of Joseph Jakubowski.

            Jakubowski was at the center of a nationwide manhunt after he allegedly burglarized a gun store and sent a manifesto to the president.

            Jakubowski faces federal and state theft, burglary, and gun charges for allegedly stealing firearms from a Janesville gun store.

            Jeff Gorn of Vernon County made the calls the night of April 13 which led to Jakubowski’s capture.

            Gorn said he found Jakubowski living on a blue tarp on his property. He said he didn't know about the search, but called 9-11 just to be safe.

           "Is there anything or is there anybody out there in the area that you guys are looking for?,” Gorn asked over the telephone. “He's about 32 years old, medium build, pretty rough character.”

            Employees in the sheriff's office recommended Gorn look online to confirm Jakubowski's identify and he did.

            The next morning, federal and state authorities surrounded Jakubowksi's campsite and took him into custody.

            Jakubowski next appears in federal court for his arraignment on April 25.  He is also scheduled in court for "state charges" that day.