5 people without a home in Liberty on Mother's Day after fire

Posted: 11:12 PM, May 14, 2017
Updated: 2017-05-15 10:27:24-04
Five people returned to their home on Mother's Day to see the damage after a fire Saturday evening.  Fire crews also returned Sunday to investigate smoke lingering from the site. 
"I was just devastated because he had worked so hard to build it and it has not been easy for him with him being ill and everything," said Carol Holm.
She was referring to the home built by her son Jerry Holm, now almost completely gone from a fire Saturday night.  Her mobile home was attached to his house.
"Just finished my kitchen cabinets Thursday," said Jerry.  "I was going to install them tomorrow, but now they went up into flames too."
Firefighters said Carol’s home was damaged, but livable.
“When they let me in, I can check it out," she said.
However, firefighters said Jerry's home was a total loss.  He said he noticed orange light coming from his garage at about 10p.m. Saturday.
"I looked out and my garage was on fire and the flames were already coming up through the roof," said Jerry.
Jerry said he grabbed an extinguisher, but it was too late. He said fire crews arrived shortly after his call, but much was already destroyed.  
"I think I felt more for my daughter," said Jerry Holm.  "She's 15 and she just lost her whole childhood.   Everything is up there."
Red cross volunteers responded to help the family.
"We'll make sure they have a roof over their head, as we did last night and that they can get basic things, like clothing," said Steve Hansen, Director of the North East Wisconsin American Red Cross .
Fire crews arrived Sunday to inspect the vapor, which New London Fire Lieutenant Ted Coppersmith said was normal after they extinguished the fire yesterday.  He said they're still investigating the fire which they think started in the garage.  
If you are interested in contributing to Red Cross to provide support for fire victims, please visit .