1,000 Plus Trek Across Lake Winnebago

Posted at 7:30 PM, Feb 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-06 20:30:20-05

An event nearly canceled just days ago because of lack of ice concerns pushed forward today on Lake Winnebago. The Walk Across Lake Winnebago drew a big crowd as people took advantage of this nice weather for a worthy cause. NBC26 joined the walk today and shares their story.

Every year this event on Lake Winnebago grows a bit. This year about 1,000 people took strides across the lake all to benefit the Neenah Animal Shelter.

The Walk Across Lake Winnebago started with just three brave souls in 2003. But today the event manages to draw about 1,000 to the ice.

"It was on our bucket list. We gotta say, we walked across Lake Winnebago. Yeah I mean how many people get to do that. It's awesome," says Carol Morley who is walking with her walking buddy Carla Molvey from Neenah.

As they begin their journey many veterans of the event, recall mistakes made in years past out here.

"It was great except for the blisters on my feet. Live and learn now I prepare," says Mary VanRossum a second time walker from Neenah.

"It's not a race you get there when you get there," adds Ellen Pagel who’s walking the lake today with her friend Vanessa Colrue and their dogs.

And as the pace is set, many have to let it sink in. The fact that they are about to walk ten miles is setting in.

"I know I can do it I know it’s gonna be fun. But I’m really nervous,” says Sue Pawlowski of Menasha.

The masses have just begun a journey that will likely last upwards of four hours, and not everyone is completely prepared for it.

"This is my first time on a 10-mile walk and why not do it on the ice. It's a little more challenging," adds Pawlowski.

And as these folks venture out onto the ice, they're doing more than just getting exercise and taking in this winter backdrop, they're actually raising significant funds for the Neenah Animal Shelter. This is also an organization that many of these ladies have had ties with for years.

"We're supporting a great cause. The Neenah Animal Shelter is a fantastic organization which we both had animals going to and from there over the years," adds Molvey.

The migration will conclude in Neenah, just about 9 miles from where we stand here at the beginning of the ice. And if all goes as it likely will, most will have the same attitude at the finish line.

"This is all about an adventure but an accomplishment. And that's what I’m looking forward to today," says Pawlowski.

The event is expected to have raised about 10-thousand dollars for the Neenah Animal Shelter on Saturday. In the 13 years of the event running, the walk has helped to raise over 30-thousand dollars for the shelter.