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'Probably the scariest thing': Downtown Neenah greets Halloween with first snow of the season

statue of liberty in neenah with snow
Posted at 5:30 PM, Oct 31, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-31 18:30:23-04
  • It's the time of year when retail workers start stocking winter items, and on Halloween, the weather in downtown Neenah seemed to suddenly switch over too.
  • Out-of-town traveler Bryan Jean stopped to talk about the way the snow affected him.
  • My Soul Loves boutique owner Sheila Kelley says it feels like Wisconsin skipped right past fall.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

I'm your Neenah Neighborhood Reporter Darby McCarthy, and there's more than one reason to celebrate today — because not only is it Halloween, it's the first snow of the season!

Downtown Neenah has transformed into something of a winter wonderland.

“Oh my gosh. We got, I think we have a little bit of fall meets winter.”

And downtown businesses like My Soul Loves aren't seeing the foot traffic they might have expected on a day like this.

"It has definitely dampened a lot of things – a lot of people stay at home trying to stay out of the snow. It was pretty bad this morning as far as icy goes."

But some people managed to brave the cold and snow by going from their warm cars to some cafes, like Bryan Jean.

“I woke up this morning – Halloween is my favorite time of the year – and I said, ‘this is probably the scariest thing because of all this snow.'”

He says that the weather has made his evening plans for him.

“Just going to be probably shoveling and staying warm.”

My Soul Loves Boutique Owner Sheila Kelley agrees that the seasonal shift seems very sudden.

“Well, Happy Halloween everybody.”

She says she hopes that this snowy weather is only a preview, and not quite here to stay just yet.

"Do you have a favorite season?"

“I would say fall, and we totally missed it this year! I mean, we had the 80s which was nice. And then it went down to what? Like 30? And now it's snowing.”

She says it's time for retail to start stocking winter items, but she's not ready for the weather to match.

“We have our fall buried yet. We’ll just clear the snow and be done with it.”

We saw some trucks salting the roads earlier, so remember if you're going out: be careful on the roads and sidewalks.