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New Neenah High School construction is on schedule for the 2023 school year

New Neenah High School construction
Posted at 9:49 PM, Mar 23, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-24 13:34:30-04

FOX CROSSING (NBC 26) — NBC 26 has been keeping up with the progress of the new Neenah High School for months, and today’s visit showed major updates.

“People are just buzzing about the excitement of being here,” said Jim Strick, the NJSD Communications Director

The new high school has been under construction for over a year and half. Miron construction is on schedule to transfer the building for NJSD to move in this July.

“We have one end of the building in the classroom areas that are probably 95-97% complete and then as we move further south across the building, we have areas that we are just putting glass in and closing the area from the elements,” said Amanda Manteufel, the project executive.

She explained one of many things that sets the building apart from other projects.

“My favorite part of the project from the construction standpoint is the variety of finishes we have throughout the building, as well as just from a sheer size standpoint, the challenge of using multiple contractors for the same scope of work in order to meet the schedule,” said Manteufel.

The sheer size she’s referring to: 420,000 square feet. Which happens to be slightly smaller than the current high school because they are not building a pool. The new school sits on 225 acres, which is four times the size of the current high school property.

“I think one of the coolest, unique features of the school is that we’ll have our auto lab, our welding and a lot of our technical education right in the middle of the school where kids are going to walk past it every single day,” said Strick.

He hopes this setup will showcase these programs and new opportunities for students.

“It’s been really enjoyable to see it come together and just see each phase of the project along the way,” said Strick.

The excitement doesn’t stop at staff and crew.

“It’s really surpassed my expectations of seeing the way the community has gotten behind it,” said Strick.

The district had a total of four “Milestone Moment’s” planned, however, they have been canceled for fire safety reasons. To keep the community up to date, Strick says more information and tour videos will be available to the public soon.

“We’ll have a video we’ll be putting on our website with a tour and hopefully people can get a pretty good sense of what’s happening here,” said Strick.

The public walk through of the finished new school will be on August 13th.