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Are you brave enough to try this? Get buried alive in unique 'Trapped' experience at the Burial Chamber

trapped entrance burial chamber
Posted at 7:52 PM, Oct 13, 2023
  • Haunted house complex the Burial Chamber offers a buried alive experience called "Trapped" that challenges visitors to keep their nerve as 80,000 germ-resistant balls rain down from the ceiling to swallow them up.
  • It's a one-of-a-kind experience designed by Burial Chamber owner Matt Mars and available in the Fox Valley in Wisconsin.
  • Watch Neenah neighborhood reporter Darby McCarthy take a tour of the complex and try out the experience firsthand.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

“We're the Burial Chamber! We should be burying people.”

"Trapped" is the latest addition to the Burial Chamber, a huge haunted house complex in Fox Crossing that has been open since 2001.

Burial Chamber owner Matt Mars says it's his passion to create totally unique experiences.

“There's nothing that exists in the world like this. And so I had to come up with the whole idea basically just little by little. I would build and design, build and design, and it was a one-man show to put the whole thing together. And it kind of just, it happened stage-by-stage."

And he teased that he has plans that will make the experience even scarier in the future.

According to the attraction's story, visitors are volunteers who have arrived to rescue miners who got trapped in a collapse.

To really understand it, I decided to go and get buried alive after a private tour of the complex.

“All right; here I go with the firsthand experience. I’m nervous.”

“It's dark in here and you don't know where to move your hands or… it's like each individual ball isn't that heavy but the total is. Trapped is the word. Whoa.”

As the germ-resistant balls drained from the room that can fit groups of 30 people, I could move once again.