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Another Monday, another treasure hunt in Neenah!

150th Treasure Hunt Medallion
Posted at 5:05 PM, Jan 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-10 09:48:42-05

NEENAH (NBC 26) — It’s Monday and in Neenah… that means it’s time for another treasure hunt!

It’s both the city of Neenah and its police department’s 150th anniversary, and the city wanted to come up with a way to celebrate.

They decided on a treasure hunt.

“We had some nice coins or medallions minted that people can follow clues to go out and find,” said Officer Joe Benoit, Neenah Community Policing Coordinator.

Every Monday of 2023, the police department will post a clue as to the medallion’s whereabouts on their Facebook Page.

“Sometimes we’ll put it out early in the morning, sometimes mid-morning or afternoon or it could even be late into the evening to accommodate different shift workers, people of different schedules, that sort of thing,” said Officer Benoit.

From there, put your own detective skills to the test to search for the medallion.

“I do think that somebody that grew up in this area would have an easier time with some of the clues, but not all of them. The clues will range from very simple to very complex,” said Officer Benoit.

Last Monday was the first clue, and it took Corrine and Adam Briggs only 20 minutes to solve the clue and find the medallion.

“He waited for them to post the clues and figured it out in like three minutes,” said Corrine Briggs.

Once you find one, there’s a QR code that you can scan for further instructions.

“I was walking away thinking somebody already got it, so I was actually heading back to the car when Corinne said, ‘I got it!’, said Adam Briggs.

The treasure hunt is for people of all ages.

“It’s aimed at anybody who has a serious interest in finding something that would be a memorable experience and artifact celebrating Neenah's history,” said Officer Benoit.

“I follow the Neenah PD on Facebook and saw they had posted about it and thought wow what a cool idea,” said Adam Briggs.

But each week, only one person can keep the prize.

“It’s a team effort among the city employees to really encourage the public to get out and explore the city,” said Officer Benoit.

If you didn’t find it fast enough this week… don’t worry! You’ll have 50 more chances.

For more information about the weekly treasure hunt, you can visit the Neenah Police Department Facebook. They would like to kindly remind everyone to keep comments positive and appropriate.

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