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'Today is a good day to reflect': Elijah Vue's family pauses searching for one day

Posted at 4:54 PM, Feb 26, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-26 17:54:44-05

MANITOWOC (NBC 26) — I’ve been following the search every day in Two Rivers and surrounding areas since Elijah went missing seven days ago.

  • The Family Search for Elijah Vue has been paused for Monday as the family takes in court and relaxes.
  • Liz Benecke, who says she is the family's spokesperson told me they will be back at it on Tuesday.
  • Elijah's Uncle, Orson, told me this weekend that they are remaining hopeful and will not give up.

From going on searches with people to reporting on the community's support it's been astounding to see their efforts.
Today the family of Elijah took a rest from their night and day searching to regroup, and refocus as they hold out hope.

"Family is exhausted as you could imagine,” said Liz Benecke who tole me she was appointed as the family’s spokesperson. “With the court proceedings today, we have decided not to continue the community search."

Benecke says the family feels burnt out and just needs a day.

"Today is a good day to reflect on what has been done and how we are going to move forward starting Tuesday,” she said.

I did speak recently with Elijah’s Uncle, Orson Vue, about how the family is feeling.

"It's just, trying to keep the bad thoughts out,” Orson said. “But at the same time, not ruling out anything at all."

He said as a family they're staying strong.

"We miss him dearly, we love him,” said Orson. “We wish ... we wish he return back to us safely."

Benecke says the family plans to search the rest of the week after a needed break before pushing forward to find Elijah.

"Without Elijah being home, I can't personally sit back and not do something when I have the time and ability to be able to be out there,” Benecke said.

There were other community searches today while the family rested. Tomorrow's search organized by the family will begin at 10 in the morning.

All efforts will be headquartered here at the Mikadow Theatre.