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Manitowoc County finance committee approves proposal for sales tax

Posted at 8:12 PM, Jul 10, 2024

MANITOWOC (NBC 26) — We've been following Manitowoc's budget deficit very closely. Here’s another update as the county moves closer to finding a solution.

  • Manitowoc County's finance committee approved a proposal to implement a sales tax countywide.
  • The solution comes in response to the multi-million dollar deficit the county is facing.
  • Committee vice chairman, Jim Brey says the County Board will review the proposal on Monday.

This week, Manitowoc County's financial committee unanimously approved a proposal for a half percent sales tax.
"I know it's going to be a tough sell for some people, but it the long run it will be beneficial for Manitowoc County,” said committee vice chairman, Jim Brey.

He says they're trying to fill a four-point-two million dollar deficit, though the total fluctuates as more bills come in.

"Future county boards will be able to use this money for whatever they need to use it for,” Brey said. “Hopefully in the long sense, it will be used for property tax relief."

The committee chose the sales tax over a property tax proposal, an increase of 12.5%.

Now, Brey says the county board will consider the sales tax at next Monday's meeting.

"It will not just come from Manitowoc County residents, it will come from out-of-county residents. which is a good thing,” said Brey

Not all of our neighbors, like Sue Hansen, are pleased with the timing.

"A few years ago we were doing good,” said Hansen. “Now, we're scraping. We're trying to fix up our house, we're trying to eat and we can barely do it."

Recently, other neighbors told me they back the idea, especially since tourists will also be on the hook.

But Hansen is focused on just getting by.

"I can barely afford to get things now that I need,” she said. “I work full-time and I'm a year away from my retirement age. I don't see ever being able to retire."

The finance committee's Jim Brey says if anyone has better ideas, the board would like to hear them. You can reach the members here.