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'It's heartfelt'; The Vue Family receives a special gift from a local artist

Posted at 4:51 PM, Mar 01, 2024

MANITOWOC (NBC 26) — It has been 11 of days of searching for the Vue family since Elijah Vue went missing on February 20th. The community has shown love, support, and even help. But this week one man went even further and used his talent to touch the Vue family.

  • Elijah Vue's family has been searching for him nearly nonstop since he went missing on Feburary 20th.
  • Local artist, Kevin Willert, decided to do more than just search. He gave the family a portrait of young Elijah.
  • Elijah's uncle, Orson Vue, says the family loves the painting and his mother, Elijah's grandma, already plans to hang it in her room.

Kevin Willert of manitowoc has helped in the search this week
"It's a good feeling, to actually do something for someone else,” Willert said.

But after hearing Elijah’s grandma speak on Tuesday night, he knew he could do more.

"What could I do other than look for him?” he said. “I thought since I am an artist, I can throw in a portrait and that's what I did."

He gifted the portrait to Elijah’s Grandma, Lia. Something that meant a lot to Elijah’s Uncle Orson and his family.

"It really captures Elijah’s innocence, his curiosity,” Orson said. “He chose the right picture to paint. It's amazing."

A gesture that reinforced the community's support and as the family continues to push forward in finding Elijah.

"Even though it's hard, we want people to know that we are not giving up and we are doing what we're saying,” says Orson. “That's all we really can do."

A family that has inspired Kevin, and now he can say, he's helped inspire them.

"It's heartfelt, you know,” said Willert.

Orson tells me that his mother, Elijah’s grandma, already plans to hang up the picture in her room so she can see every day.

The family tells me they will search throughout the weekend. The plan is to take a break on Monday before searching the rest of next week. Meeting every morning at 9 A.M. at the Mikdow Theatre in Manitowoc.