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'I just like helping people'; How one man is giving to others after the storm

Posted at 8:39 PM, Jan 15, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-15 23:56:48-05
  • With the Lakeshore getting 10 inches of snow this weekend, many people are unable to leave their driveways. Adam Pietroske volunteers to clear their driveway.
  • He says he does it for no pay and it makes him happy. He told me that it was great to see a smile on everyone's face.

There is snow in Manitowoc … a lot of snow in Manitowoc. One man is helping our neighbors be able to leave their homes.
Adam Pietroske charges a discounted fee from a professional price or no fee at all to remove snow from his neighbor's driveways. He told me the price depends on the size of the area.

He says he likes it and it is rewarding to see the smiles he's brought.

"Throughout the weekend, I’ve probably plowed 50 to 60 different houses,” said Pietroske.

He might not have a cape, but he may be a hero.

"It's like you're opening their jail cell door once they pull out of their house and driveway, you know,” Pietroske said. “When you get this much snow a lot of people don't have the equipment, the means, or even the health to do it themselves. I hate to see people trapped in their house not able to go anywhere."

After 10 inches of snow, there is a lot of need but Adam does the job with his two kids and his father.

"I do it just because it's fun, easy entertainment for the kids, and I just like helping people,” Pietroske said.

Adam told me that he hopes more people follow his lead and get out there to help a neighbor.