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How would you feel in this heat with no A/C? That situation is a reality for many students

Posted at 9:03 PM, Sep 04, 2023

MANITOWOC (NBC 26) — Temperatures could reach the upper 90's on the first day of school and some schools, like Manitowoc Lincoln, don't have air conditioning. With temperatures this high, many people are wondering what the school is going to do with the students.

Bob Burns and Tom Decker both live in the lake shore area. They think the Manitowoc schools with no AC need to be extra attentive to their students.

“They should be able to go take a water break, a popsicle break,” Burns said. "In the factories when it's really hot, they’ll come around and pass out popsicles and everybody takes a 10-minute break."

Decker sent his children through school and his grandchild is set to begin kindergarten next year. He says everyone needs to stay cool.

“It's the kids too, but it's the teachers and staff,” said Decker "Without all of them, the kids wouldn't be there.”

Manitowoc School Board member Tony Vlastelica says students should stay hydrated.

“There's functioning water fountains in the schools, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring your own water,” Vlastelica said.

Superintendent Jim Feil says it's ultimately up to parents to decide if they want their kids to attend school or not.

Vlastelica believes portable AC units may be a future idea but will not be ready for tomorrow.

“You know, everyone wants the students to be comfortable,” Vlastelica said. "I would just suggest wearing shorts and tank tops tomorrow.”

Burns and Decker are concerned about the students as they sit in the lakeside breeze.

“I wish the kids had this kind of breeze when they are in school," said Burns. "I think they would learn a lot faster. Because I learned today, and I got a nice cool breeze.

Vlastelica says that the school board could look into permanent air conditioning in the future, but with multiple school buildings and the normally cool weather along the Wisconsin lake shore, he's not sure if it's worth the investment.