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'Don't stop searching for my baby'; The Vue family refuses to give up hope for their beloved Elijah

Posted at 5:56 PM, Feb 28, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-28 19:11:46-05

MANITOWOC (NBC 26) — It has been a hard week for the Lakeshore community since Elijah Vue was reported missing on February 20th.

  • It is Day 9 of the search for Elijah, but the Vue family will not give up.
  • Elijah's uncle, Orson Vue, said that the family is strong and will continue to push to find him.
  • The Two Rivers Police Department had a press conference on Tuesday where Elijah's grandma asked the community to continue searching.

I joined a search with Elijah's family as they persevere to find their loved one.
The Vue family is very close and Elijah's uncle, Orson Vue says the family is strong, but hurting.

“It breaks my heart when I think about it.", he said. "But, when we come together and put a plan in place, we go through with it.”

Since Elijah disappeared last Tuesday, the family has been on foot, combing through parks and forests all over Manitowoc County.

I was the only reporter to join them on their latest search.

"It does give us a little peace of mind in that sense,” Orson said. “That we are putting a lot of effort into finding Elijah."

On Tuesday, Two Rivers Police held a press conference. Elijah's Grandma, Lia Vang, asked the community not to give up.

"I want my grandson to be home with my family,” she said. “So, I want everybody to continue. Don't stop searching for my baby, Elijah."

Vang's a mother of 9 and Grandmother of 26, including Elijah and two of Orson’s kids.

"That's the ultimate plan. Having them meet,” Orson told me. “Having them get to know each other, run around and play."

A large family, all united by one goal … finding Elijah.

"It hurts… and it's hard,” Orson said. “It's hard to face sometimes. He's not here and we do not know where he is."

The Vue family will continue to search, based at the Mikadow Theatre in Manitowoc. The family will meet at 9 A.M. every day for at least the remainder of the week.