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Cold weather and messy roads; recommended practices to protect your car

Posted at 5:49 PM, Jan 19, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-19 19:03:02-05
  • The cold weather has left roads messy and dirty. Many cars have headed to the wash.
  • Car wash owner Paul Simon said never wash your car when it is under 10 degrees.
  • Craig Lombard drives a truck and said managing the winter mess is all part of living in Wisconsin.

The weather has left us cold and with extremely messy roads.
Paul Simon owns several car washes in Manitowoc. He said it's extremely important to keep your ride clean.

"The salt is very corrosive to cars, so it's good to get the salt off the cars,” Simon said. "Then, get your car in the heated garage."

But, you still have to be careful. Paul advises never washing your car when it’s under 10 degrees.

"When it's so cold, it freezes on the car and could potentially freeze the doors shut and freeze the locks,” Simon said.

And anytime the temp drops below freezing he said to take precautions.

"The car gaskets around the doors, wipe them off so it doesn't have a chance to freeze the doors shut,” said Simon.

Craig Lombard was out washing his truck on Friday. He said he normally wouldn't when it's this cold, but he has a trip coming up.

"It was imperative that I get all of the snow cleaned out so I could pack stuff and get out of here,” said Lombard.

He told me that he keeps an eye on his truck and the salt build-up, but at the end of the day it's just part of living in the North.

"I did spray everything down but ultimately, this is a Wisconsin vehicle,” he said. “No one will ever want to own it if they live down South."

Paul told me there is not an exact amount of time to wait before washes, but he said if you start to see salt on your vehicle, get it to a wash.