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A water dilemma: Reedsville is running on only one well; is a solution on the way?

Posted at 4:47 PM, Mar 21, 2024

REEDSVILLE (NBC 26) — In Reedsville, there is only one working well. I’m breaking down the problem and the solution.

  • Reedsville's backup well went out in 2019 due to high nitrate levels.
  • A local business owner told me that the situation makes him nervous as he relies on running water.
  • Water operator, Tanner Raddatz says that the new backup well should be ready by early 2025.

Reedsville water operator Tanner Raddatz says in 2019, Reedsville lost it's backup well.
"When I talk to other municipalities, and I tell them I’m only working off of one well, they're mind blown,” Raddatz said.

Raddatz says since the backup went down, there's only been one major problem, but they had to ask home and business owners, like Bill Sterletske, to conserve water.

"It kind of had us not run the way we normally would run,” Sterletske said.

Sterletske, owner of Mud Creek Tap in Reedsville says, he worries about the water.

"I’d like to get it fixed so that we don't have that problem anymore,” said Sterletske. “Obviously, a business can't run without having running water."

The village is now taking action. Raddatz they have a plan to build a new backup.

"We can shut all of well 5 down, do maintenance and still have good, clean water to the village to drink,” Raddatz says of the village’s future.

Raddatz says the project will probably be around $2 million and completed by early 2025.

Sterletske told me he's glad the village is working on the problem. But he'll be even happier when that second well is online.

"That will be a nice feeling for sure,” said Sterletske. “Business as usual then."

Raddatz said that there is also a reserve tank of 155,000 gallons that the village can use if there is a big problem with well 5. But, he too will be relieved when the second well is built.