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Campfire S'mores ramen noodles hitting store shelves nationwide

The new Cup Noodles variety will be sold at Walmart stores throughout the U.S. for a limited time.
Posted at 10:04 AM, Jul 02, 2024

Just in time for the summer camping season, Cup Noodles has released a limited-edition "Campfire S'mores" ramen noodles flavor that will be available exclusively at Walmart locations and its website.

Cup Noodles maker Nissin Foods USA says the flavor combines the "unmistakable blend of decadent chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker flavors with a smokey note for a truly unique s'mores experience." This is the first time Cup Noodles has released a dessert ramen option.

The limited-edition cups of ramen noodles have a retail price of $1.18. The noodles cook in just 3 minutes in the microwave.

"Since its invention nearly 100 years ago, the beloved s'more has been adapted into a wide range of food flavors, recipes and now ramen," said Priscila Stanton, senior vice president of marketing at Nissin Foods USA. "As enthusiasts seek new ways to get their s'mores fix beyond the great outdoors, we couldn't resist joining the campfire fun by transforming the classic flavor into a bold, unexpected experience that will capture the hearts and palates of consumers nationwide."

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Cup Noodles said it has released other "innovative" ramen noodle flavors, including its Breakfast and Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese noodles.

Last year, Nissin Foods announced a $228 million expansion to develop a third U.S. manufacturing facility to make its Cup Noodles and Top Ramen products. Operations at the new facilities are expected to begin in August 2025.