Wisconsin woman's yard ruined by angry man with weed wacker

A man took a weed wacker to a Milwaukee woman's lush yard and left bald spots all over her corner lot after the woman declined landscaping service. 

Catherine Polk remembered hearing the weed wacker when she was watching TV Wednesday afternoon. 

"I didn't get up to check because people are always cutting their grass around here," Polk said.

Two hours later Polk let her dog out she realized the sound was right outside her window.  Polk's Ring Doorbell Video App captured a man using a weed wacker all over the yard.

"It wasn't like he was in a hurry or anything," Polk said.

She questioned if the weed wacker is associated with a different man who came by her home earlier this week. That person wanted to cut her lawn for cash, but she declined.  Polk takes a lot of pride in her yard.

"This means a lot to me,” she said. “The lawn looking nice."

Polk said she's a retired, church-going woman who volunteers in her spare time. She has no enemies and that's why it is so odd.

"What did my grass do to you?" she said.

She's hoping the vandal comes forward. 

"I forgive them already," Polk said.

Police said they only received one call like this.  There haven't been any other reports of yard vandals of this nature.  No other yards in the neighborhood appeared to be tampered with. 




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