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Tackling the tundra: Green Bay DPW and businesses work to keep roads and sidewalks safe

Posted at 4:52 PM, Jan 15, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-15 19:10:31-05
  • Video shows DPW putting down traction sand and working to keep roads safe.
  • Bug Tussle Wireless in downtown Green Bay is working to keep their sidewalks ice-free for pedestrians.
  • DPW can be contact with questions and concerns on snow removal.

The Green Bay Department of Public Works says it's in its 'clean up' process a few days after the blizzard hit Northeast Wisconsin. I’m Katlyn holt with a look at what this means for drivers.

"We can plow snow, that's what we do for a living in public works. It's what happens during and after the snowfall," explained Pirlot.

Chris Pirlot, the operations division director for public works in the city of Green Bay, says the low temperatures have presented another challenge for DPW crews.

"We put down traction sand, and we're actually using traction sand on arterial streets with a little bit of salt in it, but not pure salt because the salt just isn’t working right now," said Pirlot.

Pirlot says usually residential streets don't have anything put on them, but with temperatures in the single digits, they make sure to cover the areas that could cause problems for drivers, like hills, curves, and intersections.

“All of our vehicles are out in Green Bay and… DPW Green Bay today," said Pirlot.

Pirlot says the day is focused on cleaning up things like corners and sidewalks the city owns and following up on any complaints they may have received.

Businesses in Green Bay are feeling the effects of this frigid weather days after the blizzard. I talked to one man who is making sure his workplace is safe for everyone who stops by.

"We chip away at the ice, try to get at the base layer of the sidewalk and then manage it from there," said Bowers.

Jeffrey Bowers is the safety manager for Bug Tussle Wireless.

Located on Pine Street in downtown Green Bay, Bowers says the front of their building sees a lot of foot traffic.

"We got a good amount of snow. they came through, and frigid weather gets everything nice and stiff. So, want to make sure our sidewalk on our property is cleaned up," said Bowers.

Bowers says according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, all exits around buildings need to be maintained and free of hazards, like snow and ice.

"Where you have exits that may not be maintained around your perimeter of your building. You want to keep those clean to just in case something were to happen where people have to leave in different areas," explained Bowers.

If you live in Green Bay and have questions or concerns, you cancontact the department of public works.