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Remembering Skye Bleu: Mother of 5-year-old victim in last week's shooting speaks out

Family remembers Skye Blue
Posted at 5:17 PM, Oct 24, 2022

GREEN BAY — Just seven days ago Lakayla Evans was waking her daughter up, getting her ready for school, and sending her on her way to kindergarten. Now, life looks much different for Evans, planning a funeral, meetings with law enforcement and finding time to mourn the loss of her little girl, Skye Bleu.

The Kindergartener loved reading more than anything... everything except her momma.

“It was me and her against the world,” Evans said. “She would always say 'I love you momma' and 'Mommy you are so beautiful.' We were the best of friends.”

Following the fatal shooting, Evans has been looking to her family for support and comfort.

“Sometimes I just wanna be alone, but my family, my sister knows that it’s not good for me," she said. “Even strangers are reaching out and saying they are praying for me and they just keep me going. I feel alone sometimes, but people are making sure I know I’m not alone.”

Evans describes Skye as someone who would light up a room, a social butterfly, a little girl who had hopes and dreams. Dreams that now, her mom will never get to see.

“It's been seven whole days… and I'm supposed to go a lifetime?" she asks. "I never get to see her experience 1st grade or elementary school, never get to watch her experience middle school or high school, or college.”

Evans had dreams of taking Skye to Disney and seeing the world.

“I wanted to show her that there are so many other places besides just Wisconsin… and now, I’ll never get to do that.”