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"Crime offends human decency," Judge sentences Taylor Schabusiness to life in prison without parole

Posted at 9:11 PM, Sep 26, 2023
  • In late July, Taylor Schabusiness was convicted of homicide, mutilating a corpse, and sexual assault. She was arrested after she killed and dismembered Shad Thyrion
  • At the sentencing hearing statements were given from Schabusiness' family to a drug use expert.
  • Today, Schabusiness was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole by Judge Thomas Walsh. Walsh said the crime "offends human decency".

The life sentence without parole verdict was handed down today from Judge Thomas Walsh stating that Taylor Schabusiness will not have the opportunity for parole.

Schabusiness wore a spit hood during her sentencing. The hood was required due to her recent behavior for the safety of those around her, according to a Brown County Jail spokesperson.

The sentencing hearing contained testimonies such as Schabusiness' grandmother, a drug use expert, and even her father who is also incarcerated.

"She was just a loving and caring person", her father, Arturo Cornado said. "She liked to have fun liked to joke around a lot... She's not the monster she's being made out to be."

Before final statements by the prosecution and defense were made, the floor was opened and victim Shad Thyrion's uncle was given the chance to speak.

"They sit here talking about being rehabilitated", Kelly Thyrion said. "Is Shad's mother ever going to rehabilitate from this?... I don't see a reason why you'd have parole."

Once final statements began defense attorney, Chris Froelich asked the court to grant his client a chance of parole.

"We can't undo what happened. What we know is that she has got family that supports her, that loves her," Froelich said. "Taylor is not a throwaway, she is a human being. It's not an eye for an eye."

After hearing much about Schabusiness' mental state on meth at the time of the crime throughout the hearing, prosecutor Caleb Saunders argued that she was aware of her actions and was not regretful after the crime.

"Really the defendant herself is telling us why this happened. It wasn't because of methamphetamines; it wasn't because of mental illness," said Saunders. "She's telling law enforcement why this happened. It happened because she liked it."

Before announcing the sentence, Judge Walsh explained that although Schabusiness has a loving family, the crime is too great for second chances.

"This crime offends human decency, it offends human dignity, and it offends the human community," Judge Walsh said. "It really does."

Shad Thyrion's father, Michael, said he forgives Schabusiness and asked that she be given parole. However, Judge Walsh did not agree.