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Chocolate Craze: Beerntsen's Candies continues to have steady business despite rise in cocoa prices

Posted at 9:46 PM, Mar 28, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-29 15:45:44-04

GREEN BAY (NBC26) — Beerntsen's Candies talks about business just before Easter during a time when there's a rise in cocoa prices.

  • Video shows Beerntsen's Candies selling candies for Easter.
  • Rising cocoa prices haven't had much of an impact on their business.
  • Customers say it would alter their chocolate shopping habits but not stop them.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

According to one local candy store, Easter is one of their best-selling holidays and I asked them if rising cocoa prices have had an effect on their business.

"I've been in this business pretty much my whole life," said Beerntsen.

Blake Beerntsen says they go through more than 5,000 pounds of milk chocolate each Easter season.

He says the increase in cocoa prices stems from a bad crop.

"They're calling for like a 28 to 40% increase. We'll see whether we get there really," said Beerntsen.

He says some of their specialty chocolates have gone up about a dollar a pound, but the rising cocoa prices don't necessarily make him nervous.

"The chocolate that we use in bulk we're contracted for pretty much a year so we won't really see the price increases till November, end of November, start of December," said Beerntsen.

According to CNBC prices of cocoa futures contracts for May deliveries of this year have reached an all-time high.

Blake says the fluctuation is normal and he's seen it before.

Ann Smith, a customer at Beerntsen's says if there were to be a price hike, she would make some changes.

"I would be like a little more lean in the Easter baskets as far as like the chocolates and look for chocolate alternatives, either candy or little toys," said Smith.

But supporting local businesses is important to her.

"I like this place like I come here for all the holidays. It's just it's good chocolate and it's something you know, a little special," said Smith.

Molly and Julia Gutowski say a price rise wouldn't stop them from purchasing chocolate.

"Not for special occasions and special treats. I think every once in a while, we deserve a little extra treat, right?" said Molly.

Especially, not when they can get chocolate-covered Oreos.

"With how good it is... It makes sense." Said, Julia.

Between personalized fudge eggs and solid chocolate bunnies, Blake says he doesn't think chocolate consumers need to fear the rising cocoa prices.

"Easter is a very chocolate holiday," laughed Beerntsen. "Come get some chocolate,"

Beerntsen's is usually open every day if you have to fulfill some last-minute chocolate needs.