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Smile! You're on camera: Fond du Lac's newest park using security cameras to deter crime

Playmore Park has seen more police incidents in the past few months than other local parks
Posted at 8:41 PM, Jun 10, 2024

FOND DU LAC (NBC 26) — Fond du Lac Police say they're seeing more criminal activity at the city's newest park. But, security cameras could help mitigate the issue.

  • FDLPD says Playmore Park has had a higher number of police incidents in the past few months compared to other city parks.
  • The city says cameras can be used to deter crime.
  • Neighbors say they feel safer with cameras present.

I spoke with sisters Faith and Hope Plawman at Playmore park, who say their kids' safety is a top concern for them.

"There's a lot of things that happen in bigger cities like this, and we come from a lot smaller community," Hope Plawman said.

They said the security cameras in the parks make them feel safer.

"I feel like cameras keep people away who might be up to no good," Faith Plawman said.

Playmore is the city’s newest park, and Fond du Lac Police Chief Aaron Goldstein said the police department is seeing more issues with crime compared to other local parks.

"Our youth and our teens are finding a new place to hang out," Goldstein said. "And we're seeing things like bike thefts. We're seeing some fights. We have some check welfare incidents."

Chief Goldstein said the police department has seen about eight police issues a month at the park. For reference, Goldstein said Lakeside Park had only about 11 police incidents in all of 2024.

To increase security, the city installed six security cameras in and around the park.

"What we've found in parks and in other places is cameras are a deterrent," Moore said.

Parents and grandparents I spoke with said they’re glad the cameras are in place.

"It's making it safe for everybody else," said Mary Jo Lemanski, who was visiting the park with her granddaughter.

Chief Goldstein said they hope to expand the use of cameras like the ones in Playmore.

"This is, this really probably is a model for as we look at other parks that are getting renovated coming up," Goldstein said.