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Meet the crime-fighting identical twin detectives solving cases in Fond du Lac

The pair works for the police department and the sheriff's department respectively
Posted at 7:45 PM, Nov 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-09 20:45:24-05
  • Camille Vandermolen is a detective with the Fond du Lac Police Department. Her twin sister Michelle Fink is a detective with the Fond du Lac Sheriff's Office.
  • The two often work on cases together.
  • They say their "twin bond" helps them work effectively.
  • Video shows the two sisters describing their jobs and relationship.

A pair of crime-fighting identical twins sounds like something out of a movie, but two detectives in Fond du Lac are just that.
Michelle Fink started in law enforcement about 19 years ago when she joined the North Fond du Lac Police Department. Just a few years later, she convinced her sister Camille Vandermolen to join the field too, by applying to the Fond du Lac Police Department.

“I absolutely loved it,” Vandermolen said. “She was right. And she's been a tremendous mentor and inspiration.”

Michelle then moved to the sheriff’s office, and now the twins often work cases together.

“We've worked homicide cases on the same case, missing persons, thefts, burglaries,” Fink said.

The sisters said their natural bond actually helps them in their role as detectives.

“It takes a while working together to really understand your coworkers and to I guess vibe with them. And with her, that doesn't. . . we already skipped that step yet,” Fink said.

And they said they enjoy having someone close to them who understands their job.

“We have that resource to go to to bounce stuff off of” Vandermolen said.

But the situation does come with some confusion around their offices.

“In the DA’s office, they had a couple of new ADAs recently, and I think that there was a warning put out, ‘just so you know. . . have you met the twins? There’s two of them,”” Fink said.

Off the clock, the two try to focus their conversations on more lighthearted topics, like family and their mutual love of cooking and baking.

“We try to change the subject a lot, but it's hard,” Fink said. “It's hard not to eventually come back to talking shop.”

Vandermolen will soon transition to working in recruitment and retention, which she said is very important in law enforcement. But, she will miss working on cases with her sister.

“I wish I could do every case with her,” Fink said.

But, the two say they’re looking forward to one day when they retire and can go back to just being “regular” sisters.

“She is part of me. Like literally, part of me,” Vandermolen said.