Tickets for women's college basketball Final Four twice as costly as men's

Posted at 10:52 AM, Apr 04, 2024

Ticket prices for the women's college basketball Final Four are now more than twice the cost of the men's.

According to Logitix, a company that analyzes ticket prices like these, ticket prices for the women's Final Four have averaged more than $2,300 in the past couple days.

For the men's Final Four, ticket prices are averaging at about $1,000.

Iowa's Caitlin Clark is now player of the year and took part in a ceremony Wednesday. Her face off with LSU's Angel Reese is bringing extra attention to the game. Reese says she has her eyes on the pros after declaring for the WNBA draft on Wednesday.

Monday's Iowa-LSU game set a ratings record for women's college basketball.

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